PoitiersPoitiers has been the provincial capital since Gallo-Roman times and as such, its architectural heritage is outstanding. The "Chemins de Notre Dame" will guide you through ancient neighbourhoods as you discover the city's historical treasures at your own pace. Just follow the coloured lines on the pavements starting at Notre Dame La Grande church, and read the informative signposts along the way. On these paths you will discover exceptional monuments such as: Notre-Dame-La-Grande Church (11th- 12th Century) is beautiful by night or day. The fine Roman Sculptures in the pure white stonework gleam in the sun and during the summer months they are brought to life with polychromatic lighting. Saint Peter's Cathedral (12th - 13th Century) with its François Cliquot organ dating from the 17th century. Saint-John's Baptistery (4th - 9th Century) : the oldest example of Christian architecture in France. The law courts (12th - 14th Century) : one time home of the Counts of Poitou and the Dukes of Aquitaine. Saint-Hilaire's Church : a World Heritage monument on the pilgrim's road to Santiago de Compostela. Saint-Radegonde's Church (11th - 15th Century): one of the oldest in Poitiers. And don't forget the Sainte Croix Museum and l'Espace Mendès France.

To relax take a stroll around Blossac Park, the Botanical gardens or the Promenade du Pré de l'Abbesse. Join a guided tour - our professional guides will enjoy sharing their knowledge of the city's 2000 year history with you. There are all sorts of tours at the tourist information office - groups, children, themed tours, evening visits etc.

The Futuroscope Park is only 8 miles from Poitiers.



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